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Train Hard. Sweat Hard.

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The Spinning® is not just a fitness class. It is an experience. We offer you the best indoor cycling program in the world. Spinning classes offer a variety of rides, movements, coaching, motivation keeping each rider safe, excited and engaged. 

Official Spinning® Facility

Official Spinning® Facilitie is where Spinning comes to life. From quick post-work training sessions to epic charity rides, our facility provide the environment and atmosphere in which we deliver Spinning every day.

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Workout Facility

Marriott Hotel & SPA
Balluta Bay St. Julians
3rd floor

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Our Methods

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Training at Endurance Energy Zone™ increases aerobic capacity, builds muscular endurance and improves cycling efficiency. Endurance training is also mentally challenging, providing an excellent opportunity to develop cognitive skills applicable to competition and to the stresses of daily life.


The Strength Energy Zone™ improves muscular endurance, and mental strength as well. By learning to develop the mental stamina to overcome obstacles, riders learn to develop the self-confidence needed to overcome challenges in all areas of life


If you like fun and to party, join a flow class! We have all the cycling techniques and training of course, but with a large dose of freedom, fun and party!


The Interval Energy Zone™ is essential to anyone interested in improving their fitness level, enhancing their performance or changing their metabolism. It is a form of training in which short to moderate periods of hard (to very hard) work are alternated with short to moderate periods of rest or reduced activity


Our innovation in power-based cycling education and power-meter technology delivers real, measureable results. Program provides riders with real-time measurements of individual effort for greater training efficiency and performance results.


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